After a considerable amount of work interviewing hemostatic gauze companies Recon Medical®, LLC has made a valuable partnership with WoundClot®. WoundClot® Hemostatic Gauze is an FDA cleared, next generation hemostatic gauze engineered to be effective in the management of mild, moderate, and severe bleeding. It is also effective in the temporary management of severe bleeding during surgical procedures as well as postoperative and donor site bleeding.  This hemostatic requires very little pressure, if any, unlike most hemostatic gauzes in the market.  The gauze has no active ingredients unlike most hemostats in the market making it safer for human use.  Its lighter, smaller, and most importantly affordable. We believe this product will complement our passion for saving lives and serving society with outstanding products. Please don’t take our word for it and check out our research links and educational fliers. *As of 8/16/2021 Recon Medical has 39 documented lives saved, WoundClot® has 16 documented lives saved from their hemostatic gauze.

WoundClot® is effective in patients on anticoagulant/antiplatelet therapy and patients in Coagulopathy. It does not require the application of manual pressure to be effective.

WoundClot® can be effectively applied by civilian first responders with little to no training. A critical component of any first aid kit.


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WoundClot® Quick Training

How Does It Work?

WoundClot® Live Hand Trauma Application

WoundClot® Application Pre-Clinical Femoral Artery Trauma

WoundClot® Application Pre-Clinical Liver Puncture Trauma


WoundClot® Certification